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These are some of the testimonials that we have collected about the series.

I think it's so awesome that you sell these kind of dvd's thank you very much I'm so excited to finally get to do something in my wheelchair thank you!!!
eBay User

"The Chair Yoga DVD is excellent! I am working with folks with persistent and severe mental illness, many of whom also have physical health challenges...obesity, arthritis, COPD, etc. The DVD is a wonderful starting point, and I will stop it occasionally to clarify instructions, modify poses or adjust individuals so they can get the most out of the "workout". I am a yoga instructor, and I find the teacher's instruction to be perfect for my students. And I am learning from her! Thanks!!"
Anne - New york

"Have been looking for some chair aerobics to add to my classes, this is a good variety of exercises and it is fun."
Tracey -

"I love this! I love doing chair aerobics. I teach my patients chair aerobics exercises due to be in a wheel chair. They love it."

"Great video if you are just starting to get back into exercising and cant stand for a long time! easy on the knees!"
Ann -

"I'm in a wheelchair and wanted to exercise for weight loss. It was perfect."
Kyle -

"I have Multiple Sclerosis and my mobility and balance are an issue. I am happy to have found a way of exercising that I can manage. Thanks so much for it."
Susannah - Australia

"I thought this DVD was great. I am an exercise instructor myself and I thought this instructor was fun and motivating as well as knowledgeable and safe. I had to have myAchilles tendon repaired after it ruptured and was very upset at the thought of not being able to do anything but chair boxing helped me through!!! I was actually able to stand and worked out the very next day after my surgery!!! It was great and thanks again!!!"
Robin - Washington, D.C.

"Terrific for someone like me, with a disability. These DVD's are not only good safe exercise, but are a lot of fun. Excellent service."

"My Mother is 86 physically challenged some days. I got this dvd very quickly and she can do these even on her worse arthritis days"
darla l.

"This was a lifesaver. Just the product I needed to jump-start my road to full recovery. Will recommend it to many people who can benefit like I have."
Stephanie M.

"I could not be happier with this DVD. The exercises are perfect for people with little room to work out and have not exercised in a while."

"I am handicapped and unable to walk without assistance. This video has made it possible for me to get in a good workout without stress on my legs or back. I have recommended it to several of my friends with and without handicaps and would highly recommend it to anyone else"
Dixie L.

"Love the dvd, even sitting it was still a workout!"

"I bought this fitness DVD for my mother in law who had a stroke many years ago, but therefore is hard for her to stand and exercise. This chair aerobics Salsa is awesome. It's different from other seated exercise classes/DVD's and keeps you moving. A good workout for beginner exercisers and active older adults who want something low impact. I definitely recommend this DVD."
Nancy - Fredericksburg, VA

"I am two weeks post Achilles rupture repair surgery, and this DVD was awesome! I was fairly fit before my injury and this dvd made me sweat. Since I am non-weight-bearing on my left leg, it was perfect. It's not only a great upper body workout, he's got some core work in there, as well."
trisportgirl - San Francisco, CA

"I am two weeks post Achilles rupture repair surgery, and this DVD was awesome! I was fairly fit before my injury and this dvd made me sweat. Since I am non-weight-bearing on my left leg, it was perfect. It's not only a great upper body workout, he's got some core work in there, as well."
trisportgirl - San Francisco, CA

"I purchased this DVD, along with several others in the Chair Aerobics for Everyone series, for my mother and me. At 87, my mom is no longer as active as she used to be, but put this DVD in and she is ready to go! This is a "challenging-as-you-want-it-to-be" workout that is fun and easy for all fitness levels. Don't let the chair fool you. This is a great workout for those with limited space that really works the core and shoulders. Just ask my mom."
L - Winchester, VA

"I recently had knee surgery. I am unable to tolerate much load bearing on my left leg until I have my partial knee replacement in May. This is a challenging, quicker pace workout that is fun. The only complaint that I would have is that there is no instructions on the dvd for needed props with video use: use of cane or broom pole, scarf that is longer and fluid. I bought all the available titles of Chair Aerobics"
Lesli - Wisconsin

"Excellent workout for people who want to get moving but aren't ready for a more conventional workout."
waterlilyxx9 - NANUET, NY

"Chair Boxing Kicks My Butt in the Best Way!! I love it!"
Kierie - Myspace friend comment

"I love this video!!! very easy to follow and very sexy...I feel sexy with my sexy, big self!!! I am going to dance the dance of 7 veils!!! Hey, Now!!"
sandra -

"This is a fun way to workout. Even though it is chair aerobics you really work up a sweat with this one. Because of sinus trouble I have dizzy moments and this is a way I can work out and not have to worry about balance. Great for the elderly who want to stay in shape or for the young who need balance for what ever reason!"
Workout Girl -

"To me, all workout videos are a bit silly but I really enjoy this one. I have a broken foot and am limited in the types of exercise I can do. I wanted something fun to workout with and this is it!"
Arctic Deco -

"Nice alternative exercise for those who have a hard time or barriers to being on their feet to exercise."
mlee -

"I was looking for some activity that I could do while recovering from ankle surgery. In fact I liked this so much I have bought it for my mom and aunt who both have leg troubles to get them moving."
Sallie -

"I recently had ankle surgery on both feet and am unable to do standing exercises. This DVD was just what I needed! The instructor is very engaging and keeps you from getting bored. Highly recommend this product."
Devi -

"Following major knee surgery, I was unable to do traditional aerobic exercise as I was ordered not to put any weight on my leg. What a relief that I found this workout DVD! I did it right in my wheelchair with a full cast on my leg and still lost weight and toned up. Thank you for making this video--don't know what I'd have done without ya."
carrie -

"This video is great not only for those confined to a chair to do exercises but also those who would like a change of pace in their workout regimen. I recommend it to EVERYONE who believes in taking care of their body in fun and in health."
Shaylee -

"This DVD is a great work out and so much fun! The instructor keeps you motivated, explains things very well and is encouraging all the way through. I have A LOT of weight to get rid of and have limited mobility. I've tried a lot of the other sit and be fit DVDs, but this is the one I keep coming back to."
Rauqyroad -

"I hurt my knee so had to tone things down during recovery. Senior citizen exercise videos were too slow but this one did get my heart rate up when I followed the primary trainer."
C. Hoffman -

"I thought the video was very good, it was a very enjoyable easy to follow video. The instructor was excellent."
Ann -

"This is easy to follow and challenging enough to give me a good workout. I can add weights for a harder workout."
S. Webster -

"I run a seniors exercise program three days a week in my community. This video is great for such a program. There are no strenuous activities and no floor activities. I recommend it to anyone seeking a low impact exercise video."
LBlancke -

"This was more of a workout than I actually expected. I have very bad knees and standing is very hard for me, jumping is impossible. When I saw that the exercises were done in a chair, I decided to try it. This is truly a great workout for physically challenged people like myself."
K. Salko -

"This video really works for me and I use it often. I have just started doing workouts and this one is at my fitness level. Some of the other workouts out there are too fast and advanced."
A Customer -

"I bought this DVD for Christmas for my mother and she loves it. Easy for even a senior to follow."
lisa mofford -

"I never realized that sitting in a chair could make you perspire and puff! I use the chair aerobics every 2nd day and in a month I have lost 7 inches all over and combined with a good eating plan lost 1 kilo per week. Definitely recommend to all."
Muffysmum -

"I have congenital hip dysplasia resulting in two total hip replacements. I've only been able to manage water exercise as most "land" workouts result in a lot of pain either from compensatory movements to protect my hip or the hip itself. This is the FIRST chair aerobics video that I can comfortably do."
M. van Vuuren -

"I purchased this DVD for my mom who has bad knees. I wanted to get her a workout tape that she could do but wouldn't have her jumping around and standing. Mom did the entire workout and she never said anything about her knees hurting. It's not a long workout but it gets the job done. Thanks!"
AJ2 "Angela” -

"Great DVD, Exercises are simple but effective. Easy for me to follow. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to add exercise to their daily routine. I have COPD and it is helping me get back some muscle tone and I can tell I already feel better after only a month of use."
yesiambettyboop -

"Chair Aerobics for Everyone is just that: No equipment needed except a chair. It's a great value for the money, and looking forward to buying more in the series."
domino1003 -

"What a nice variety of these dvd's: tai chi, circuit training, beach party, boxing, belly dancing...I want them all! lol"

"I have to say, I really, really like these Chair Aerobics for Everyone videos! I got 4 of them, so I can switch up and not get bored. I just like these Chair Aerobics for Everyone DVDs!"

"If you follow the routine you’ll work up a decent sweat, similar to about 20 minutes of reasonably vigorous dancing. For someone at a desk or with limited mobility, this an acceptable alternative to chair aerobics or other types of seated exercises."
Los Angeles Times - Health

"I recently broke a bone in my foot and could not do my normal walking and aerobic exercise routines. The sitting workout on this tape provides a vigorous 20-minute workout and is geared for 3 levels of flexibility/agility."
Susan -

"For those of us who are too old to be jumping around anymore and who have limited space, this is a great cardio and core workout -- sitting down. My mother and I alternate Chair Boxing and Chair Salsa every day. And she is 86 years old!"
L. Barna -